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Why buy from us?

We believe that there is no fresher way to have fish delivered to your door because of our simple and direct supply chain, this makes us not only an alternative but better than buying your fish from over the counter. Here are the simple steps between the trawlers and your door:

We only source our fresh fish direct from the docks of Grimsby and Lowerstoft, no buying from other wholesalers where the fish may have sat for days. We collect direct from the docks in our own refrigerated vans.

As soon as we open the boxes from the docks the fish is placed in a vacuum bag then into the vacuum packer, which removes the air and seals the bag. This leaves the fish in a perfect environment to slow the growth of bacteria and keeps the fish in prime condition.

Once the fish is vacuum sealed your order is placed in a polystyrene box and covered in ice, which will keep your fish between 0-4 c. Now your fish will be with you within hours in perfect condition. No sitting on displays deteriorating and drying, Just straight from the trawlers to your door!

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